Social media can work for you if you are effectively aligning your audience with your objectives and there is a strategy in place to achieve specific, measurable results. The social media landscape is constantly in motion - changes to current platforms, and new platforms are constantly popping up. It can not only be difficult to stay on top of the changes, but also to determine which are right for your company. That’s where we start. If you are interested in creating a social media strategy, start with a free initial consultation.


Similar to the process of developing a marketing strategy but centered around the social media world we would first discuss brand vision and goals and objectives. Within a strategy we will determine the look and feel of your presence, the best unique content to publish, and how to incorporate paid advertising. If you listen closely to what social media is telling you and your brand, you can use that ‘advice’ to tweak your message and further reach your target audience.


We can build the foundation of the social media strategy for your company and teach you how to maintain the plan, ow we can manage it on a monthly retainer. The scope of the project determines the monthly fees. Social media management monthly fees start at $850/month and require one month of ‘getting to know you’ before anything is published to your account.