You should hire a consultant if:

You don’t have enough time for marketing.

You are looking to systematize processes.

You have resource gaps (time, people, knowledge, etc.)

You aren’t generating enough leads, or the right kind of leads.

You aren’t converting your leads to sales.

You need help understanding the latest trends in the industry and social media.

You need help building an internal marketing team.

You need advise to make marketing decisions.

You need help with creativity.

You do not currently have enough work for a full time employee.

You are spending many extra hours doing work you are not familiar with, or managing and employee to do that work.

You are looking to gain new insights and focus.

You need quick results.

You should not hire a consultant if:

You expect miracles.

You are looking for short term results.

You are not willing to look at other areas of your business that need improvement.

You’re not willing to commit.