Marketing Help

IBA will provide you with one on one guidance to help personalize your strategies, improve their effectiveness, set realistic goals and metrics to measure success, and provide training for your company to fill skills gaps as needed.

We will answer questions, provide instruction, and help you create automated processes for efficiency. We also offer many industry tools, tips and tricks, and resources that your company can utilize.

Social media Help

We can help you decide which social media channels are best for your organization, and fill you in on the trends of those platforms.
We can help you brainstorm campaign ideas, develop content, and plan strategic ways of implementing the ideas.
We can analyze statistics with you and find ways to get your message in front of a larger audience.
And, we can help you setup and manage paid advertisements.

Graphic Design Help

To be straightforward, we do not teach graphic design, it has taken us many years to become designers. However, there are many resources and apps that are available for you to use to design nice looking graphics that are not difficult to learn.

We can point you in the right direction for resources that are user-friendly for making social media posts, animated graphics, print material, etc, and then train you on how to use them.