Working closely with your business, we will be available to advise you on your marketing journey. Whether you have an internal department, want to build an internal department, or never intend to do marketing with employees, we can help. We view our consultation services as the guidance, advice, and vision process. We will be your sounding board, so that you can be sure that you are making decisions that is driving your company forward, avoiding wasted time and money.

This is not the marketing plan. As consultants, we are the experts that you can rely on to help you through the challenges you may face. Here’s what you should look at If you want to develop a marketing plan.

  • We can give startups advise on where to start, good practices, and a game plan of what to do.

  • We can help you build an internal marketing and/or graphic design team.

  • We can provide tools and resources to you and/or your team.

  • We can act as a sounding board or help you make a marketing decision.

  • We can give you advice on how to capitalize on promotions, or design the logistics behind a promotion.

  • If needed, we can step in at any time to perform the overflow tasks, or the tasks above the skill level of the internal team.



STEP 1: Meet us. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your specific needs.
(usually ~30-45 minutes in length)

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STEP 2: Do your research. There are many options available.

STEP 3: Determine your budget. What can you afford to spend on consultation?

STEP 4: Decide if IBA is a good fit for you. If you are unsure, consider hiring us for another service to ‘try us out.’

STEP 6: Define time-frame and frequency of consultation services.

STEP 5: Make the commitment.



the estimator below is provided as a way to get a general idea of fees. we will provide a formal estimate for approval after defining the scope of your project.

Pull slider to the right to indicate approximately how many hours per category you wish to employ our consultation services per month.