We encourage all of our clients to regularly challenge their creativity - make clever social media campaigns that generate engagement, write great blog articles that motivate/inspire/educate their audiences, produce vlogs (video logs) that look great, have great content, and solidify the 'human' relationship with your customers.  

The first blog article may come easy, you may whip it out in 30 minutes and it's fantastic... but the 10th blog post may feel the same as trying to get out of your pj's on a rainy Saturday morning... not happening too quickly.

If it's the 10th or the 100th post/article/script that you are writing, inevitable you will hit a wall. Creativity has to be forced. There's no excuse. This Fall we challenge you to ramp up your game, and here's how we will get you started: here's a list of topics consider in your creative efforts this Fall. Go get 'em!

  • Favorite Fall memory of all time.
  • Why do you love Fall?
  • Setting Fall 'goals' - What to get done before Winter strikes?
  • Your like or dislike of all things Pumpkin Spice.
  • Favorite Fall foods/drinks.
  • Share recipes (Crock Pot?)
  • Places to travel - Where to see the Fall foliage?
  • What's something new you want to try as outdoor time becomes less?
  • What are your Thanksgiving traditions?
  • Ask your audience questions about their Fall traditions.
  • Create a Fall challenge for your audience.
  • Do you plan to participate in Black Friday? Why or why not?
  • Write a review for a book that you recommend reading this Fall.
  • Pick a common Fall problem, and write about how it could be fixed.
    (Allergies, Pest Problems, Leaf Disposal, etc.)
  • Write a product review that you highly recommend using this time of year.
    (Leaf blower? Camera?)
  • Share other Fall blog posts.
  • Have you started Christmas shopping? When is it time to start?
  • Fall fashion/beauty/healthcare routines.
  • Did you know? Informational posts - This time in history... 
  • Give your audience a list:
    Top 10 Fall goals, 5 restaurants you must try, 6 weird hobbies to try this Fall, etc.
  • Interview: Publish an interview with someone related to the time of year.
    Football player? Photographer? Hiker/Adventurer?
  • Prediction post.  Weather, Economic, Summer Movies?  Purely speculative and just for fun.
  • Create a Step-By-Step guide: 'How to________' this Fall.
  • List of Benefits: 'Benefits of ___________' in the Fall.

Of course, all of these topics won't apply to everyone - use this list as a way to inspire your own ideas that relate to your profession/industry/company.  

Remember - Don't over-think. Your articles need to be simple and easy to read, and come with a personality. If you have extra time this season - plan ahead! Make a calendar and write out your plan - decide how frequently will you be posting, on what platform(s), and on what topic? Work as far ahead as time allows! 

We wish everyone a creative and productive Fall!

Thanks for reading! ~Angie