“Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway” 
― Sydney J. Harris

The other day, a bizarre freak occurrence in my garage caused the pull cord on our ancient garage door opener to get caught on some items being stored in there as the door was closing, and if I hadn't managed to stop it, the items would have been destroyed, possibly along with the rest of the garage door, rails, the ceiling, etc. Thanks to quick thinking and action, I was able to stop it in time, assess my options, and fix the problem. I also repaired some minor damage, and put additional precautions in place so it wouldn't happen again. Proud of my mad skills, I walked into the house, and a clothesline in the laundry room promptly collapsed, taking several clean, pressed shirts, a fire extinguisher, a potted plant, and some other items down with it. In my efforts to quickly retrieve fallen items, I also kicked over a large bin of dogfood. 

At this point, I could have felt sorry for myself, sat down and cried, yelled and cursed, and/or just left it for someone else to deal with. I could have given up and declared my day to be awful, ruined, and hopeless! But no, I chose to laugh, see it as an adventure, and challenge myself to not only take care of it (because I'm smart and capable), but to make sure to do it right and prevent a similar occurrence in the future. 

Sure, I didn't get everything else done that I wanted to do that afternoon, but I got to star in my own episode of The Three Stooges — all by myself! And my sense of accomplishment in a job well done, combined with the story of the whole thing, made for a great evening of laughter among my family. 

The only difference between that being a good day and a bad day was my attitude. How's your attitude today? If you need a pick-me-up, stop by and I'll tell you the whole story for a good laugh!