November is a very busy time of year for us, as we not only have companies in need of exhausting their marketing budgets, we have companies planning marketing for the next year.

For many businesses, the end of a year is the time to start thinking about their brand identity... Is it outdated?  Does it need a boost?  Time for a complete overhaul in the coming year?
Inevitably, we hear this:
I want to logo as recognizable as the Nike swoosh.

Here's our advice to you. Set realistic expectations and goals. After you set those goals, make a plan, and develop a method to review your success. We have a quote that we like to use:

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Success is determined by individual motivations.  At IBA, we all (fortunately!) share the same motivation: make a lifestyle that we are in love with.  None of us plan to be millionaires but each of us wants to live a comfortable life, full of creativity and freedom. You will never find us at work if our families need us, or if we simply need to spend a day outside, wandering, to enjoy the beauty of nature. But when we work, we work very, very hard.

We encourage you to sit down as soon as possible (I add a glass of wine to this part...) and think about these 4 things:

  • What is my definition of success?

  • What are my (realistic) goals for 2016? 

  • What's my plan of attack?

  • How will I review my success along the way?

Best wishes in this journey we share called 'living life to the max potential!' 

If you need help in the journey, we have tons of experience! Send us an email to share your words of wisdom, or your story with us.