When I was a little girl I always wondered why the washer and dryer weren't together, as one. You do the tasks one after the other, wouldn't it be more efficient if it automatically dried after it washed? I was sure this was my million dollar idea. 

A little while back I got pulled over for speeding, (just a warning, yay!) And in the resulting conversation I told my daughter, "I don't intend to speed, I don't even like to speed... I just don't always pay attention to the speed limit signs... I wish that my car displayed the speed limit right beside my current speed."

She thought this was a wonderful idea, in fact, she wanted to take it further. She decided that car should read the speed limit signs as if they had heads that could think and headlights that could could 'see' like eyes. The cars would have a device in the front that would 'literally' read the speed limit, tell you the speed limit, and warn you when you were 4 miles per hour over. She said that it should dim the music if you are 'rocking out', so that you definitely hear the warning. By the end of the night, she had a full-scale patent drawing with arrows indicating how it worked, how it spoke to the car, with the lines of communication, and was determined to make this a reality.

To children, nothing seems impossible. Nothing is beyond their capability. 

As adults, we often have faced so many stumbling blocks on our paths that we have a hard time picturing the end result when we come up with a new concept. We expect something to go wrong rather than push 'full-speed ahead' to make it happen. 

I hope you make that one of your goals: Think like a child. Have determination like a child. Come up with an idea and turn it into a reality. AT LEAST TRY.

Just don't take HER idea, because one day you will see this: "Makinzee Williams, inventor of the speed reader".