THANKFUL: Within the scope of ‘work’, the number one thing that I am thankful for is that I am able to design, create, strategize and develop ideas that I get to see out from the very beginning, until they reach the end goal.  Because of this, I get great satisfaction from my job.  I truly love it.

Today (Friday) I got a little teary eyed when a client came into the office, glowing with enthusiasm about his business success in 2015. He’s been an iba client for almost 10 years.  We ‘started’ the self-employment journey at the same time, and are still working together, in a much different capacity, now.

Over the years, we’ve encountered the same ‘cash flow’ and ’14-hour day’ struggles.  We’ve had the ‘I could take a job somewhere and actually make money’ and ‘why do I have to be available 24/7’ conversations, but in the end, we always realize why we keep chugging away.  Because these businesses are our babies that we have nurtured and cared for, and that we can’t just let disappear.

REFLECTION:  I had been doing freelance for a few years when I found myself in a position of being solely responsible for putting food on the table for my children.  So I cranked it into high gear.  There was no option but to succeed, in some capacity, and iba was my only job.  I enlisted friends to help fold newsletters and prepare mailings by bribing them with wine (and good conversation), used tv trays for desktop space, slept 4 hours a night, did all of my own bookkeeping (that's terrifying if you know me well), and did it all with a slow PC and a cheap printer. At the time, if I had 4 jobs on the log, I was happy. Today, we manage in the range of 40-60 ongoing jobs on the log, on any given day.


Looking back, I honestly don’t know how I did it.  I’m not sure I could do it again.  Those beginning stages are brutal and require your blood, sweat, time, and tears.  However, at the time, I never even considered failure.  The idea of it not working never really crossed my mind.

I don't define success by wealth.  What I'm most proud of is designing a life that I love.  For many years I didn't know what tomorrow would bring, but today, iba is solid and growing at a nice pace.

How VERY THANKFUL I am, today, to have been through the chapters of my life, just the way they were written for me, and to be entering into my 10th year of business with the best group of employees and clients I could have ever dreamed up.

Life is good, and it just keeps getting better.  Cheers to reflection, when it gives you a pat on the back and reminds you how far you’ve come.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!