Customized Apparel Estimator

If you are looking for printed hats, shirts, jackets, or other apparel, we've got your back! How does it work? Because the options are flexible, apparel estimates are a combination of 2 parts: 

Blank Apparel + Imprint/Decoration = Your Custom Apparel

1. CLICK HERE to visit our online apparel shop for an estimate on purchasing the blank items. You can choose any combination of sizes and colors, or shop elsewhere and/or provide your own blank apparel. 

2. Fill out the form below to give us information about the imprint/decoration that you want screen printed or embroidered onto your blank items. You may combine all of your various sizes into one total quantity if they are all receiving the same imprint/decoration. 

3. Add the two together, and that total is your complete estimate!

We recommend picking out your blank apparel and submitting that estimate first, then including that information (brand, style number, breakdown of sizes and prices, etc.) as additional information in the form below.  

screen printing & embroidery  

Cost calculated using this form is for the imprint/decoration only, and does not include the (blank) apparel. Undecorated apparel pricing may be found HERE. Please fill out the form below as completely as possible. 

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Note: You may include several different items with the same imprint into this range. For example, 5 Medium T-shirts, 5 Large T-shirts, and 10 Large hoodies may all be decorated with the same size/placement imprint for a total of 20 items. You would not be able to use the same size/placement imprint for 5 Large T-shirts and 5 baseball caps, and would need to submit a separate form for each of those.
How many colors will be printed on the FRONT of the shirt/item?
How many colors will be printed on the BACK of the shirt/item?
Will you be supplying artwork/graphics? (Note: Supplied artwork will be checked before production, and we will notify you if it requires adjustments in order to meet production needs.)
Did you select blank items from our online apparel shop? You may copy & paste the information or link here. Do you already have blank items you want decorated? Please let us know what you'll be bringing in.
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